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Sunadda Vanaphongsai


Sobre Sunadda

What are your passions both outside of work and at Bain? How has your team supported you with these passions? 

I am an avid supporter of women's empowerment. While earning my MBA, I led the Women in Business Club to help educate, inspire, and support the next generation of business leaders to build an equitable future for all in business and beyond. Bain has given me the opportunity to channel this passion of mine into Womxn at Bain (WAB), an Extra 10% program at the company. I am proud to say that we have just revamped our Big Sister program, which provides support to Bainies through senior sponsorship and peer mentorship. 

How have you “Built your own Bain”? 

After about a year in Bain SEA (South East Asia), I wanted to be closer to some of my family members in the US and was also curious to explore working with clients in developed markets. I jumped at the opportunity for a case demand transfer to the Bain Chicago office, where I had the opportunity to work with clients in Chicago and NYC while getting to spend more time with my family.  
In my 4+ years at Bain, I've been able to work with staffing to gain exposure to an array of industries such as airlines, consumer products, retail, financial services, chemicals, and our private equity group (PEG). I truly believe that Bain invests in you as a person, wants you to thrive professionally and personally, and supports you wherever your journey takes you.  

How have you established your own personal community at Bain? What does the community mean to you? 

You get embedded in the Bain community very quickly because you get assigned a buddy and a mentor even before your first day! The Bain model also allows you to connect and build deep connections with Bainies in your home office. I love how close-knit the Bangkok office is. We are growing very quickly in terms of headcount but are still able to maintain and cultivate a family-like culture. Bainies in the office would go on weekend trips together every now and then. I truly enjoy the company of my colleagues and we often hang out during our days off. In fact, I consider some of them my dearest, closest friends. There's definitely no other place like Bain.