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Case Team Leader, Rio de Janeiro

Sobre Mariana

Hi, I am Mariana, a case team leader in Rio and São Paulo. I first became interested in consulting because I was looking for a work environment that would expose me to different industries and capabilities from the moment I started. At Bain I found a great organization that could provide me with exciting case opportunities, along with the support and mentorship I needed in order to develop. This is what made me decide to join Bain, and it is what I love the most about working here each day!

​Soon after I joined, I noticed that the opportunities I had here were actually broader than I expected. In the last six years, I've had the opportunity to work on cases related to different industries and capabilities, to do an externship at an entrepreneurship-focused NGO and to pursue an MBA degree at Columbia Business School.

"I'm currently working on a digital transformation case, helping our client structure its digital strategy and ideal customer journeys."

It has been an exciting and rewarding case, because we're helping the client develop a strategic view about how to better serve its customers leveraging new technologies and the digital experience.

Currently I am staffed at the Rio de Janeiro office, where I decided to learn how to climb. Seeing the sunrise while climbing Sugarloaf Mountain was one of the most beautiful climbs I have done! Apart from the projects, there are many initiatives you can join, such as the Green Team, the Social Impact team, Women@Bain and BGLAD. I love how diverse and supportive the office is!

Bain is definitely a great place for ambitious and passionate professionals. Talking to Bain people during the recruiting process is the best way to get to know our great culture and company.