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Consultant, Zurich

Sobre Tomohito

My name is Tomo and I’m a Consultant in Bain Zurich.

I joined Bain as an Associate Consultant after graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Geography and completing my Master’s at University College London in Environmental Economics.

Before I started, I couldn’t imagine the breadth and depth of topics I would be able to work on; I had the chance to work on corporate strategies for multiple B2B service companies, a global transformation project of a world-renowned manufacturer, as well as multiple diligences on consumer goods companies around the world. One of my most memorable projects was working on a post-merger integration of a Japanese mega-conglomerate with a foreign manufacturer. This presented many unique challenges including the need to understand and then bridge together two very different cultures.

I would not be here without the support network of my many mentors who encouraged me to jump outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I have bi-weekly chats with my project managers to discuss my progress and the areas where I can learn and grow. I also have monthly chats with my mentor to discuss how to make the most out of my career at Bain.

Another important part of my Bain experience has been my ability to do pro-bono work as part of Bain’s social impact practice. I’ve worked on a marketing strategy for an emergency relief fund as well as the global transformation of a large refugee aid agency. The Bain toolkit and approach to problem solving has proven applicable in all kinds of projects and for all sorts of clients. It’s been so rewarding to work for organizations that tackle our world’s most pressing social issues.

Beyond case work, I’ve been able to take advantage of Bain’s global mobility options which has allowed me to continue to advance my career while giving me the flexibility to be located wherever my personal circumstances take me. I am currently based in Zurich because I grew up in Switzerland and much of my personal and social life is in Europe, however, I also have family and friends in Japan. In most careers, balancing these two distant geographies would be very difficult but during my career at Bain, I have been able to work in both countries on a regular basis and I am grateful for this flexibility.