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Diversity & Inclusion

Blacks at Bain (BABs)

Blacks at Bain (BABs)

Blacks at Bain (BABs) is dedicated to the recruitment, professional development and retention of Blacks at the firm. Since the late 1980s, BABs has grown as an organization with targeted initiatives to increase the number of African Americans at the firm and ensure their professional success.



We believe not only in leading a professionally rewarding career, but also in having enriching life experiences along the way. 

The primary goals and objectives of BABs are to:

  • Increase the total number of Black consultants at Bain
  • Provide support and resources for their professional success and retention
  • Facilitate knowledge and experience sharing
  • Foster formal and informal mentoring relationships
  • Have fun and build a sense of community

Our People



We coordinate multiple activities throughout the year, including:

  • An annual conference of Black professional staff from around the globe
  • A pre-MBA event for Black students entering the top business schools
    around the US 
  • The BABs mentor program 
  • Local office social events

BABs also is a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about Bain and find out how to begin a successful career in consulting at the firm.

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