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Is It the Worst of Times?

In Bain’s 2022 Midyear Private Equity Report, we encourage investors to plan for scenarios, not certainty.


Is It the Worst of Times?


Bain & Company has just released its 2022 Midyear Private Equity Report, and what a tumultuous six months it has been.


Back in January, we talked about a supersizing of the private equity industry. Whether it was record amounts of deals being done and funds being raised, perfect exit channels, or continuing returns that tended to outperform all other asset classes, every arrow seemed to be going in the up direction.

It was indeed the best of times, but are these the worst of times? That may be overstating it right now, as we sit here at the halfway point of 2022, but there are clearly some destabilizing macro trends. The only firm conclusion investors can draw in these uncertain times is this: You need to plan for scenarios, not certainty.

Whether it's a soft landing, inflationary new normal, mild recession, stagflation, or severe recession, all of these outcomes are going to impact dramatically how industries and companies perform, and that's why macro is absolutely at the forefront of many discussions about private investment these days.

Today on Dry Powder, I'll review the key trends from Bain's 2022 Midyear Private Equity Report, including what macro means to the private equity industry in today's environment and what might happen over the next 6 to 18 months.


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