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Harrison Marks

Acerca de Harrison

Hi, my name's Harrison. I joined the firm back in 2016. I have a background in government and in law, and I have graduated from law school. I used to work for the federal government, confronting problems related primarily to economic policy and regulations affecting businesses.

"I applied to Bain through the advanced degree recruiting process. From there, I attended an in-office information session and was shepherded from that into the interview process."

What most appealed to me about Bain was its emphasis on driving impact for clients and achieving real results. We have client presentations periodically, but I've never seen one take the form of a formal presentation. Instead, they're more like conversations, with the Bain team and clients fully interacting to co-create a solution.

Bain has an incredibly supportive culture. I've been amazed at the willingness of pretty much everyone I've interacted with to drop whatever they're doing, spend 20 minutes with me answering my question, and then offer continued support as I move forward.

I attended a weeklong convention in Miami where Bain flew in people from all around the world. I got to know people from Argentina, Germany, Malaysia and China, and we all shared our experiences at Bain so far and tried to help each other along as we were acclimating to this new place.

I'm currently working on a case for a tech company in a rapidly evolving industry, and they've realized they need to shift their entire business from what they do now to something different. The work has involved everything from reading academic papers on different business and commercialization models, to beginning to develop an implementation plan for the changes we'll recommend. It feels like I'm getting involved in something that's going to affect the future as technology evolves.

Since I've been at Bain, I've worked in a variety of industries—everything from tech to family entertainment, bowling alleys to healthcare and life sciences tools, just to name a few. It's been fascinating to learn about all those different industries and compare things that I learned in one industry to a situation in a different industry. Sometimes, making that connection really makes a difference and can provide good insight.