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Serina Nguyen

Senior Associate Consultant,

Sobre Serina

“Personal community at Bain is about the act of building lasting in and out of work relationships.”  

Hi, my name is Serina. Learn more about me and my time at Bain through some Q&A.   

Tell us a case that was particularly impactful for you.  

I thoroughly enjoyed a strategic project for a paper company that we did a few months back, based on the fundamental question of what direction this company would take over the next few years. We thought through how their supply and demand interacted with the ever-changing industry dynamics and poised the team for action. Not only was our work impactful and timely, but we became part of the client team and built longstanding trust with them. 

Based on your time at Bain, can you tell us what makes Bain special and/or unique to you? 

In the COVID world, there were immediate concerns that our environment and work from home norms would fully impede our culture. It has absolutely been a learning process, and not without its challenges, but I've done what felt unheard of pre-COVID and enjoyed working in virtual 'team rooms' with my colleagues on video for hours. I think it's something of a testament to the relationships we build and cultivate here.  

You mention cultivating relationships, how have you established your personal community?  

To me, personal community at Bain is about the act of building lasting in and out of work relationships. I believe it's unique because I've seen it outlive peoples' tenures at Bain. There's truly no shortage of team members that I have and will continue to ask work, life and everything-in-between advice from. 

Finally, looking back, how have you "built your own Bain” thus far?" 

Bain Seattle provided the incredible opportunity of living the 'Founder's Mentality' because when I joined, the office was in its nascent stage. While Social Impact had been at the core of its founding, the Seattle office had not yet built out its volunteer consulting organization for Pre-MBA associates. With the support and guidance of my leadership team, I got to work on helping bring one of these chapters, known as Inspire, to the Seattle office. This experience helped me envision a bit of our client process, end to end, and motivated me to lead efforts that I wanted to see in our very office.