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Senior Associate Consultant, Tokyo

Sobre Yuri

Joined Bain after graduating from Kyoto University. Various project experiences specializing in corporate strategy and organizational transformation across a wide range of sectors including high-tech and consumer goods.  


"Nurturing environment for young talents reinforced by Bain’s culture"

Regardless of how long you‘ve been at Bain, even if you have just joined the firm, there are opportunities to take an active role in projects for you. For me, I actually had an opportunity to experience the main highlight of working as a consultant during my first project.

At Bain, it doesn’t matter even if you joined only six months or one year ago,, since everyone treats you as a professional. It was only my second month at Bain, but my manager advised me, “it’s important for you to understand how much impact your analysis makes on our clients in their decision-making” and gave an opportunity to observe the management meeting of our client - a leading giant company in Japan. When my manager was presenting the insights derived from my analysis, I noticed that the top managers paid more attention. It was a thrilling experience and made me realize how significant the impact of my work can make on our clients.

Bain provides extensive support programs: our culture of mutual challenge and support is fully embedded in the organization so that you stay on the right track towards becoming a professional consultant in the fast-paced environment. Under Bain’s philosophy of “a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail”, we help each other if someone is facing challenges, and grow together. For example, when I was working on a new project and struggling with data analysis I’d never experienced before, my team members and other colleagues were all willing to invest their time and effort to coach me. Their support was not only about hard skill sets such as key analysis methods or basic concepts to identify issues, but also about soft skill sets such as the right attitude of a consultant. The collaborative culture is an important element for professional development, and this describes best what is unique to Bain more than anything else.

It says, “People is the most critical asset for the consulting firm” - since day 1 at Bain, it makes me feel this view is very appropriate. Bain offers an enriching working environment where we can interact with intelligent and enthusiastic colleagues, help each other and grow together; furthermore, this environment is reinforced by our strong culture of mutual support. Therefore, I believe this is one of the factors which makes Bain attractive.