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Senior Associate Consultant, Dubai

Sobre Farah

I'm Farah. I am currently a senior associate consultant (SAC) in our Dubai office.

I joined Bain because of the dynamic and impactful nature of our work; Bain gives me the opportunity to drive real change and be a part of the transformations of some of the largest organizations globally. On top of that, it's not easy to find a workplace that has an intellectually challenging but also supportive environment. Bain is really a unique place to be—you're surrounded by intellectual and driven people who are extremely dedicated to your professional development, yet also incredibly fun to be around. It makes me excited to wake up and go to work every morning!

"The most valuable thing I've learned at Bain—something I never expected to learn—was the idea that work is not just about getting the job done; it's also about building relationships."

The leaders I've seen at Bain listen, support and make the job less transactional. They're just so invested in the learning of the people around them and genuinely strive to make the work enjoyable for everyone.

What I love most about working in the Dubai office is the diversity of its people and the fun and supportive environment of the associate consultant (AC) class. I was once sitting at a dinner table with 10 people, each from a different country! It's incredible how much you can learn from just interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds every day. On top of that, almost everyone here moved to Dubai from their home country to join Bain, so everyone comes with a lot of excitement to meet new people and make new friends. We do so much together out of the office, and I've made some of my closest friends here at Bain.

The most important piece of advice I can offer to someone applying to Bain is to just be yourself throughout the recruiting process. Bain's most valuable asset is its people and its supportive culture; it's important to be honest, humble and genuine!