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Manager, Global Engineering, San Francisco

Sobre Yakira

Hi, my name is Yakira. I'm a manager with ADAPT Development Labs in the San Francisco office. Before joining Bain, I was in Atlanta and SoCal.

Since joining Bain, I've grown from being an individual contributor in my field to having the opportunity to help drive the daily work and success of our projects, while mentoring others along the way.

I chose Bain because I've always had an interest in start-ups. ADAPT was pretty new to Bain when I first interviewed, and the team had a start-up-like atmosphere within an established firm. Joining Bain offered the chance to be a part of this team from the beginning, helping it grow from just a small group to having a global presence, and the opportunity to help drive the work that continues to have a huge impact on our clients.

I have worked on a few projects since joining Bain, and they have all been a bit different from each other.

"What keeps me engaged and excited is the team and people I work with, knowing that we're creating great change and impactful results for our clients."

Our team really cares about the clients. A lot of our focus is on assessing what clients need and working with them to design and build what will help them be successful. We also care about each other and work to make sure that everyone is successful, individually and collectively as a team.

For candidates going through the interview process, my advice is to be open to the opportunities at Bain. Be curious. Ask questions. Our team has the opportunity to work with clients every day, positively impacting their lives in expansive ways. Working with our team will not only help you grow in your career, it will help you grow personally and have fun along the way.