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Press release

Bain & Company achieves net zero carbon emissions for the eighth year in a row

Bain & Company achieves net zero carbon emissions for the eighth year in a row

Since 2011, Bain & Company has reduced Scope 1 & 2 direct emissions by 70 percent with a firm-wide goal to get to a 90 percent reduction by 2040

  • junio 05, 2019
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Press release

Bain & Company achieves net zero carbon emissions for the eighth year in a row

NEW YORK – June 5, 2019– Bain & Company, the global business consulting firm, announced today its eighth annual certification as a 100% CarbonNeutral® company – an achievement few can claim, according to Natural Capital Partners, a world-leading provider of carbon emission reduction and renewable energy solutions.

This announcement comes on the heels of Bain & Company being named among the top five percent of companies globally for corporate responsibility by EcoVadis, the leading platform for environmental, social and ethical performance ratings for global supply chains, for the second year in a row.

Since 2011 Bain & Company has reduced Scope 1 & 2 direct emissions by 70 percent, by converting to renewable electricity, improving the energy efficiency of our office spaces and finding ways to reduce waste. The firm has set a goal to get to a 90 percent reduction by 2040.

Bain & Company’s CarbonNeutral status is the result of an employee-led effort to minimize the firm’s carbon footprint through local initiatives across its 58 offices, including energy efficient workspaces, recycling and reduced paper usage. These activities complement firm-wide initiatives, such as server consolidation, increased teleconferencing and the purchase of renewable electricity, which constitutes more than 96 percent of Bain’s electricity consumption.

Bain & Company fully offsets the unavoidable portion of its carbon footprint, including employee travel for client meetings, by investing in renewable energy technologies and conservation initiatives around the world. To date, Bain & Company has invested in nearly 30 emission reduction projects in eight countries—including landfill methane capture in the US, solar power in China, and renewable biomass fuel in Brazil. These projects are only financially viable because of the carbon-finance support they receive from companies like Bain & Company.

To achieve CarbonNeutral status, Bain & Company works with Natural Capital Partners and follows The CarbonNeutral Protocol which requires a rigorous and independent assessment of seven different greenhouse gas emissions, coupled with an offset-inclusive emissions reduction program.

“We are proud to again be recognized as a sustainability leader among global corporations,” said Steven Tallman, a partner with Bain & Company and head of the firm’s global operations. “We are constantly exploring new ways to minimize our environmental footprint, tap into our people’s passions and help our clients be better stewards of the environment. This year we took our commitment even further, by setting a goal to get to a 90 percent reduction by 2040.”

Bain & Company’s research shows that while 93 percent of CEOs see sustainability as important to the future success of business, only 2 percent of companies achieve their sustainability goals. The firm works to help its corporate clients beat these odds by accelerating their core business strategies while addressing environmental, social and economic fairness considerations.

Learn more about Bain & Company’s sustainability efforts in their recently published Social Impact Report.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Mr. Tallman, please contact Katie Ware at or +1 646 562 8107.

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