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Meet Us

Bain Passports & Strategies

Bain Passports & Strategies

Get to know us through a series of webinars

Bain Passports

Bain Passports

Whether you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of business and technology in Hong Kong, working in the shadow of Big Ben in London, or discovering the delights of Dubai, Bain Passports has something for you. 

Sign up for one or more of our webinars to meet and ask questions of our consulting teams around the world.

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
South America (for Portuguese Speakers) 12-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed 
Mexico City 14-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
South America (for Spanish Speakers) 27-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Mexico City 09-Nov-2018 1:00pm EST Registration closed

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Europe, Middle East & Africa 4-Sep-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Middle East 6-Sep-2018 4:00am EST Registration closed
Middle East 6-Sep-2018 9:00am EST Registration closed
London 12-Sep-2018 11:00am EST Registration closed
Moscow 14-Sep-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Europe, Middle East & Africa 31-Oct-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Middle East 01-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
London 08-Nov-2018 11:00am EST Registration closed
Nordics 13-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Germany & Switzerland 13-Nov-2018 11:00am EST Registration closed
Brussels 15-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Moscow 16-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Madrid 21-Nov-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed  
Paris (for French Speakers) 29-Nov-2018 01:00pm EST Register

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Southest Asia 28-Aug-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Asia Pacific 04-Sep-2018 09:00am EST Registration closed
Australia 05-Sep-2018 07:00pm EST Registration closed
Tokyo 10-Sep-2018 09:00pm EST Registration closed
Tokyo 11-Sep-2018 04:00am EST Registration closed
Greater China 01-Nov-2018 08:00pm EST Registration closed
Asia Pacific 06-Nov-2018 08:30am EST Registration closed
Australia 08-Nov-2018 07:00pm EST Registration closed
Southeast Asia 13-Nov-2018 08:00am EST Registration closed
Seoul (Session 1) 19-Nov-2018 07:30pm EST Registration closed
Australia 21-Nov-2018 07:00pm EST Registration closed
Seoul (Session 2) 03-Dec-2018 07:30pm EST Register

Bain Strategies

Bain Strategies

The series will cover a variety of topics from the latest industry thinking to answering any questions you may have about a career at Bain by our panel or current Bain experts.

If you're interested in broadening your business knowledge, getting to know Bain and engaging in lively discussions with our Bain consultants, register now.

Topic Description Date Time Registration Link
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Get an insightful but critical introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning, including learning about key topics our clients are looking at. 05-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Registation closed
Transfer Learning by Bain's Advanced Analytics Group Hear from our Advanced Analytics Group and how we use data science methods such as transfer learning to get results for our clients 14-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Blockchain Learn about Distributed Ledger Technology use cases, adoption and standardization across a variety of industries. 26-Nov-2018 7:00pm EST Register
Performance Improvement Get to know our Performance Improvement practice, including scale and client expectations, as well as understanding how "productization" is changing the skills needed on our teams. 06-Dec-2018 12:00pm EST Register

Office/Region Description Date Time Registration Link
Global Experiences Learn from Consultants how the home office staffing model contributes to your exposure to global experiences. Topics include international travel for casework, demand and experience transfers.   12-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Building Your Bain Career

Join Bain & Company for a candid conversation about building your career, including what it means to be a diverse consultant at Bain, build community, find sponsors, and create value for yourself and for Bain.

13-Nov-2018 12:00pm EST Registration closed
Intro to Bain for Working Professionals Are you a working professional looking for a career that will challenge you to grow and adapt every day?  Discover the ways that your experience could translate to a career in consulting at Bain. Hear directly from Bain Consultants who have made a similar move on why Bain is consistently ranked one of the best places to work. 27-Nov-2018 7:00pm EST Register
Home Office Staffing Join in on a discussion with Staffing Managers as they explain our home office approach, answer your questions, and share their experiences coaching and mentoring Consultants. 27-Nov-2018 2:00pm EST Register
Best Summer Internship

Join several recent Bain Summer Associates who will share their experiences, answer all your questions, and discuss the opportunity to experience our high impact learning and be completely immersed into our culture in 10 weeks.

03-Dec-2018 6:00pm EST Register
Crack the Case Join us as we demystify the case interview process and help you walk away with tools and techniques to succeed in interviews. 04-Dec-2018 12:00pm EST Register