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Beyond the Bio Podcast

What's Next? Empowering Bain Employees and Alumni Through Our Career Networks

Courtney della Cava, a former partner in our San Francisco office, shares her story as a "boomerang Bainie" and her passion for helping people succeed in their careers.


What's Next? Empowering Bain Employees and Alumni Through Our Career Networks

Most parents keep their children’s best interests at heart; they just want the best for their kids and will support and guide them every step of the way. Bain operates in a similar manner —when someone joins our team, it’s understood that they are joining a safe space for an “open, transparent, trusting dialogue” on what a Bainie can achieve during and post-Bain. Like any supportive parent, we know that sometimes for their kids to grow and develop, it also means leaving home and exploring other interests.     

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In this episode, you’ll meet Courtney della Cava, a former partner in our San Francisco office and a “Boomerang Bainie.”  Hear her story on leaving Bain to explore other opportunities that aligned with her interests and goals to returning, for a third time, to lead the global Bain Executive Network and Bain Career Advisory. She’s putting into practice what she tells Bainies all the time—create a home where you can encourage and partner with your people to lead them to their goals.    

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Beyond the Bio Podcast

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