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Cristina Gutierrez Ramos

Associate Consultant, Chicago

Sobre Cristina

Hi, my name is Cristina. I'm an associate consultant (AC) originally from Monterrey, Mexico, and a recent graduate of Notre Dame.

I started with Bain the summer after my sophomore year through a five-day externship program called BEL (Building Entrepreneurial Leaders). The program aims to introduce the world of consulting to diversity students, helping them figure out if that's a career path they want to pursue and if Bain is a good fit for them.

What really drew me to Bain was the people and the really challenging and interesting work done here.

During my internship I worked for a client in the utilities industry. The work was very strategic, which I liked, but it also helped me develop both qualitative and quantitative abilities.

"Something that definitely makes Bain stand out from other consulting firms is the home staffing model, which means that cases are usually staffed with people from the same office."

It really helps you build strong relationships with your team because you're traveling together throughout the week, and it's easy to have lunch and dinner as a team when you're in the office on Fridays.