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Project Leader, Bain Capability Network - London

Sobre Rajat

I am currently an on-shore specialist with the EMEA Private Equity group, focused on advanced analytics and digital, based out of the London office.

My journey with BCN has been extremely exciting and enriching. I joined the Bain Capability Network in December 2014. I started with the Performance Improvement practice, followed by the Private Equity group, where I worked on various analyses on due diligences and post-acquisition strategies across multiple industries. I got the opportunity to transfer to the Dubai office in 2018, which was a unique multi-cultural experience.

"To work alongside some of the brightest minds, striving to solve some of the most complex and diverse issues is truly a transformative experience. BCN fosters an ecosystem where ideas are valued, nurtured and cherished – whether it’s about using alternative approaches to look at a problem or a new initiative that you are passionate about – you are empowered to challenge the norm and create something that’s extraordinary."

I have had some extremely fulfilling experiences, working as a part of offsite/event teams and being able to pursue social causes I feel passionate about, through projects with non-profit entities, working with BCN colleagues. It is this blend of an entrepreneurial culture mixed with a vibrant, energetic mix that makes BCN unique.

Prior to joining BCN, I worked with a consulting firm across verticals including organization & transformation, M&A, strategy and healthcare. Earlier, I was responsible for managing strategic alliances and partnerships for a boutique consulting firm.

I hold an MBA from International Management Institute, New Delhi and a Bachelors in Technology from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi. I love travelling, reading, following podcasts, TV series and sports.