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World Economic Forum

Bain at WEF Regional Summits

Bain at WEF Regional Summits

In addition to its annual meeting in Davos, the World Economic Forum organizes a series of regional summits. Bain takes part in several regional summits each year.

Highlights from Select Regional Summits during 2018

Highlights from Select Regional Summits during 2018

Bain participates in regional summits by contributing content, participating in discussions and workshops, and helping shape ideas about how to tackle the challenges faced in each region. Bain partners are regular contributors at these events, sharing Bain's industry and capability expertise with participants around the world.

World Economic Forum on Latin America | March 13-15, São Paulo

With more and more companies committed to operating responsibly by supporting workers, society and the planet, a distinguished panel of leaders who have chosen the path of "Leading Business with Purpose" shared their perspectives. Bain Regional head of Latin America Jean-Claude Ramirez  moderated the panel.

Bain Regional head of Latin America Jean-Claude Ramirez moderated the public session on "E-Commerce: Expanding Trade Horizons," which included a discussion on new markets for SMEs and entrepreneurs, how e-commerce helps to drive inclusive growth, and some of the key challenges of international collaboration. 

Bain Partner António Farinha, a leader in the firm’s Latin American Energy practice, moderated the session on "Energy Transition through the Grid Edge." The session discussed new approaches to energy and how these will amplify environmental benefits, boost efficiency and innovation of services and infrastructure, and foster economic development.

World Economic Forum on ASEAN | September 11–13, Hanoi

Bain supply chain expert Gerry Mattios was a panelist in the session "Digital Markets, Global Opportunity," which discussed such issues as building growth in e-commerce, expanding trade in services and facilitating cross-border data flows, leveraging the insights from the Bain & Company trade tech report.


Bain’s head of the Digital practice for Southeast Asia, Florian Hoppe, was a contributor and firestarter in two closed-door digital community sessions.

World Economic Forum on Asean Press Conference

Annual Meeting of the New Champions | September 18–20, Tianjin

As part of a project launch, Ouriel Lancry, Bain’s digital transformation officer and head of the firm’s Global Digital practice, presented the findings from the report "Enabling the Digital Enterprise," prepared by Bain for the World Economic Forum, at a private session.

Young Global Leaders and Alumni Annual Summit | October 15–18, San Francisco

At the opening session of the WEF Young Global Leaders annual meeting, Bain Worldwide Managing Partner Manny Maceda spoke on the topic “From Silicon Valley to Main Street.” Silicon Valley is at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and has driven an economic boom with ripple effects that go well beyond the technology sector. The introductory debate revolved around how to reconfigure our economic model to stimulate a sustainable future for local communities and defining the role of technology in supporting community leaders in achieving this goal.

Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils | November 11–12, Dubai

Bain was represented by Partner Sanjay Dhiri on the Global Future Council on Consumption. The council explores the future of the system of consumption, addressing the changing face of the consumer, new patterns of consumption, and advancement of technology.

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