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Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Your finance, HR, IT, legal, real estate, facilities management and other functions can do far more than simply support the business—they can propel it. Industry disruption, globalization, demographics, regulation, digital and other forces are increasingly demanding the transformation of support functions. We have the expertise, benchmarks and best practices, tools, and resources to help you get more from your support functions than ever before.

Bain helps you quickly identify the sources of value, develop a plan of achievable initiatives to capture the value, turn that plan into action, and sustain the results. Don’t settle for modest gains in efficiency and effectiveness when you can elevate your support functions to serve as true business partners. Our experts will help you:

  • Redesign and digitally enable the processes of your support functions to improve speed, quality and cost.  Whether working with HR to transform the employee experience through digital, improving business outcomes through analytics, or deploying new forms of automation enabled by artificial intelligence (such as robotic process automation, machine learning or natural language processing), Bain can help your support functions get more value from their digital investments while streamlining key processes.  We complement your digital strategy by working with your IT leaders to address the systems architecture, operating model and cost issues that are essential to effective digitalization.
  • Determine what work gets done, how and by whom, with a service delivery model that’s right for your company. We can help you set up, or get more value from, your shared services and centers of excellence, wherever they may be in the world.  And we can show you how to cut costs by 20% to 40% while improving the satisfaction of your support functions’ customers.
  • Team up with the best external sourcing partners, blending their capabilities with your own, to gain access to best-in-class capabilities to improve your competitive position.  Traditional approaches to sourcing are changing: More activities than ever can now be sourced, innovative partnership arrangements have emerged, new offshore locations are maturing, and digital is rapidly transforming service delivery. Bain can help you make sense of all these changes and strike the right partnerships that will stand the test of time.
  • Build a world-class finance function by focusing more intently on enhancing business value and better aligning finance with your company’s strategic priorities. We help you flip the paradigm so that you can concentrate on higher-value, forward-looking activities, such as decision support, and spend less time on accounting and transactional finance activities.  We’ll guide you through a transformation effort that enables your finance function to have it all: speed, simplicity, innovation, accuracy and lower cost.
  • Design the right organization and operating model to ensure your support functions can optimally serve the needs of your company’s business. We help you define your long-term talent needs for support functions and develop a strategy for meeting them. Among the many benefits: make and execute better decisions faster than your competitors. 
  • Achieve and sustain the changes you’ve made through our proprietary Results Delivery® capability. Our unique approach to change management helps you win the hearts and minds of everyone in the organization, creating a shared sense of purpose and ownership. We also work with you to build the internal capabilities you need to ensure the gains you’ve made don’t erode over time.



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