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Bain Innovation Exchange

The Bain Innovation Exchange (BIE) is a global community of change-makers, entrepreneurs, futurists, venture capitalists and innovation experts who connect with one another to push the boundaries of digital transformation. The BIE is a true ecosystem, providing a platform for start-ups, corporate business leaders, investors, and thought leaders to establish mutually beneficial relationships as they work to unlock the full value of emerging digital technologies.

Why Bain

Why Bain

The Bain Innovation Exchange is about access, exposure and feedback. Young companies pioneering digital technologies have an opportunity to pitch to large companies in need of solutions, and gain a better understanding of what the market really needs. Large companies get an early look at the latest innovations, and help in assessing how those innovations can map to their larger digital ambitions. Venture capital firms bring their own expertise and advisory perspectives to these exchanges, and a growing roster of Bain Innovation Fellows provide additional guidance on many facets of digital transformation.

Participation in the Bain Innovation Exchange is carefully curated, to ensure that all parties derive maximum value from their interactions. Senior leaders of large companies benefit from Digital Treks, intense multi-day tours during which they meet with a wide range of start-ups, venture capital executives, and innovation experts. These and a wide array of other Bain Innovation Exchange programs and activities provide large companies the opportunity to forge valuable partnerships, launch pilot projects, and become intimately connected to the innovators who matter most to their digital strategy.

Having an established ecosystem can accelerate digital transformation. But the realities of day-to-day business make it nearly impossible for any executive to make all the contacts and connections needed to keep up with the vast number of innovations that are reshaping corporate strategy. The Bain Innovation Exchange solves that dilemma by uniting literally hundreds of organizations and independent experts to collaborate on the best ways to unlock the value of digital innovation and tailor today’s emerging technologies to each company’s particular need. 

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Notre impact

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