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Sales Rep Catalyst

Some sales reps are superstars, but what’s their secret? Sales Rep Catalyst uses advanced analytics to reveal the behaviors that lead to superior performance, and helps you foster those traits across your sales team.

Every sales organization has high performers and average performers. But in our experience, a big part of that gap can be closed through teachable behavior changes. Learn how we identify and teach those behaviors.

Notre impact

Notre impact


We help you move quickly from analysis to effective behavior change so your sales reps can all operate at the top of their games. In partnership with Microsoft Workplace Analytics we pioneered the use of structured and unstructured data, including email and calendar data, to identify the behaviors that have the biggest impact on sales performance. We augment this breakthrough approach with a proprietary database of sales performance best practices, and our Results360 change management expertise ensures that you not only elevate performance in the short term but achieve results that stick. 

Client Results

Client Results


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