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Telco Digital Transformation

It may sound like a paradox, but as telcos transform virtually every component of their commercial engine, from product offerings to channel strategies to customer experience, they should start by embracing radical simplification. Bain Simple & Digital is a battle-tested program that decreases costs, increases revenue and heightens customer satisfaction. We help your company become a customer-centric leader as you pursue a digital agenda that achieves your highest ambitions.

Why Bain

Why Bain

  • We take a fully integrated view of your transformation, focusing on customers, operations and revamping your IT capabilities to support digitalization. We know that successful transformation requires telcos to change their core systems and legacy processes and to overcome fragmented, siloed channels.
  • Using our proprietary Simple & Digital Maturity Index, a benchmarking database containing data from 20,000 Telco customers, we can show you how to move up the curve and achieve strong improvements in cost, revenue and customer satisfaction. Telcos that adopt Simple & Digital can expect up to a 35% jump in EBITDA, while those further along in the journey continue to achieve impressive gains.
  • We have deep expertise in a broad range of complementary capabilities needed to drive a successful digital transformation, including customer experience/episode redesign, future customer value proposition design, omnichannel strategy, advanced analytics and robotics, IT, and Agile Enterprise transformation.
  • Through our Bain Alliance Ecosystem and Bain Innovation Exchange networks, we partner with leading and emerging digital solutions providers to incorporate the technologies and tools that will enable you to achieve your digital vision.

Results You Can Expect

Results You Can Expect

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