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Case Team Leader, Rio de Janeiro

À propos de Carolina

My name is Carolina, and I'm a case team leader. Bain has a lot of flexible work options, and I had the opportunity to participate in one of them, spending six months working in London. London is a huge office, full of interesting people; it's very diverse and international. Also, the large number of events in the office made it easy to make friends and feel at home.

I was staffed in the Private Equity Group, which allowed me to get to know several different industries. Most important, I could interact with different managers, partners and team members. It was an amazing experience that offered immeasurable learning, friendships, fun and 14 ticks on my "countries I've visited" list.

"One of my favorite cases was for a healthcare insurer."

The case I supported focused on developing and implementing upside opportunities to achieve huge cost savings in a struggling industry. I designed Big Data methodologies, led workshops and participated in meetings with senior clients, CEOs and directors. It was very rewarding to know the work we were doing would impact the entire industry and that I was building long-lasting client relationships.

Along with five other people from Bain Brazil, I decided to create a nonprofit organization as a personal project. Called Alcance, it is focused on helping talented teenagers from poor backgrounds to join the best high schools in São Paulo. We give them financial aid, mentorship and all the support they need.

The best way to get to know Bain is to meet our people. We are bound by a very strong culture, and if you enjoy talking to us and identify with our beliefs and passions, you will probably like Bain. Also, if you are in college in Latin America, I recommend participating in our Strategic Challenge. After participating in it, I knew Bain would give me a dynamic and rewarding path full of challenges and fun, and the chance to celebrate huge client results side by side with the most talented people. Bain is a company in which making great friends is just inevitable.