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Associate Partner, Zurich

À propos de Eva-Maria

I'm Eva-Maria, and I'm a associate partner in the Zurich office. I'm a physicist and an engineer by training, and I did my PhD on the design of healthcare services.

I was first staffed on a case that fit quite nicely with my background, with a client that was a nursing care provider. I went on to do some IT work in automotive around Germany, followed by a few shorter assignments. Then I spent about 10 months going back and forth to the US for a large pharma project, which was quite exciting. It was super cool to see other parts of the Bain system and to meet my colleagues out in Chicago. I also had a very supportive manager and a great associate who worked with me, and it was just a really fantastic time.

"I was offered the opportunity to become the Bain ambassador at the World Economic Forum."

As that case wrapped up, I was offered the opportunity to become the Bain ambassador at the World Economic Forum. I accepted and moved all my things from Munich to Geneva. I had a desk there, a computer, a World Economic Forum phone, email address, business cards, everything. I project managed our engagement there, running workshops with CEOs, being on phone calls with health ministers, going to Davos and the Summer Davos meeting in Dalian, China—basically traveling the world, trying to figure out how to make health a business case.

I've always had a very good relationship with the staffing managers. It's very supportive, and I feel that they have my back if something happens. I feel taken care of and that I can trust them, which is very important to me.

Consulting is a good option if you want to change out of your scientific track. If you've done a PhD, you're often quite limited to staying in academia or being in much more technically focused roles. If you want to broaden your horizons and are interested in business, I think it's a great opportunity.