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Halima Barnett

Recruiter, Boston

À propos de Halima

Hi, I'm Halima. I work in the Boston office. I'm primarily responsible for consultant recruiting at MIT Sloan. I've been at Bain for the last two years, and I came here from an executive search firm.

I got on the trail of looking at profiles from the three large consulting companies, and that's how I initially got interested in Bain. I knew someone who actually worked at Bain, and he would always talk about his positive experience as an associate consultant. He just had lovely things to say about working here.

"We have a dedicated Sloan team, made up of myself, the main recruiter, and also a bunch of Sloan alumni, including a partner, a manager and two on-campus reps."

Though I'm based in the Boston office, my job is to place MIT Sloan students in our Bain offices globally. It's great to see the folks who come to the Boston office on a regular basis. It's also great when we have our worldwide presentation and invite alumni back from Sloan, from all of our offices globally. It's cool having generations of students that I've placed in different offices come back to Boston for events.

The on-campus reps are dedicated to one recruiting season, either for the summer associate role or general pool recruiting for second-years. Their job is to go on campus, host coffee chats, get to know the students who are interested in learning about Bain, and then make connections for those people if they're interested in specific offices or industries, so that you can get to know as many people within our network as possible. 

There are two main positions that we recruit for on campus. One is the consultant role, where we hire second-year students for full-time roles. The second position is the summer associate role, which is a 10-week internship offered by many of our 53 offices. You start off the summer by going to a training program on Cape Cod, and it's a beautiful venue. At the end of your summer associate experience, the goal is for you to receive a full-time offer.