Press release

Bain & Company and CEPRES join forces to launch DealEdge

Bain & Company and CEPRES join forces to launch DealEdge

DealEdge is a powerful and intuitive digital advisory product that offers private equity dealmakers unprecedented insights into potential value creation opportunities

  • ottobre 05, 2020
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Press release

Bain & Company and CEPRES join forces to launch DealEdge

Boston/Munich – Oct. 5, 2020 – Bain & Company, the leading global advisor to the private equity industry, and CEPRES, the award-winning provider of investment decision solutions for private markets, have joined forces to create DealEdge(SM), a trailblazing digital product for private equity dealmakers. DealEdge delivers unprecedented intelligence to make better-informed investment decisions, from early-stage diligence to the final investment committee.

DealEdge gives investment professionals an unbeatable combination: Bain’s industry leading due diligence consulting expertise applied to CEPRES’ unique and granular investment-grade private equity deal data. Deal team professionals can now instantly assess and prioritize deal pipelines and easily collate and share results. Its simple dashboard interface puts detailed investment analyses based on over 30,000 buyout, growth and infrastructure transactions at an investor’s fingertips. The purpose-built Bain & Company industry classification empowers users to zoom in on industry segments in extremely granular detail. DealEdge showcases how revenues and earnings correlate to returns, how multiples expand from entry to exit, and how deals perform across market cycles.

“DealEdge is not just another data source. It’s the unique analytics of CEPRES combined with Bain & Company’s unmatched hands-on experience as the leading advisor to private equity dealmakers,” said Hugh MacArthur, head of the global Private Equity practice at Bain & Company. “More actionable data leads to smarter investment decisions that can truly differentiate a private equity firm and enable dealmakers to develop powerful proprietary deal insights.”

Among the truly unique insights that DealEdge provides is the power to evaluate the risk-return profile and operating metrics of similar deals. This allows investors to see what has worked and what hasn’t in a highly relevant benchmark set and focus investment team resources on the deals with the highest potential. DealEdge replaces anecdotal evidence with a deep set of transaction benchmarks, transforming the way that due diligence is conducted.

“With so much dry powder in the market and a volatile and uncertain environment, it is critical for private equity professionals to focus on the best deals and underwrite with a strong thesis. With DealEdge, rather than spending weeks trying to process data from imprecise and incomplete public sources, deal professionals can now get their operational analysis at the click of a button to help underwrite their thesis,” says CEPRES Founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Schmidt. “We are proud of the innovation we have achieved in partnership with Bain & Company and see this as truly disrupting and game-changing for the Private Equity industry.

For an interview with Mr. MacArthur please contact Aliza Medina, For an interview with Dr. Daniel Schmidt, please contact Birgit Wiggert,

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CEPRES is the leading digital solution provider for private markets. CEPRES began in 2001 as the Center of Private Equity Research and was the first to ‘look-through’ private funds to underlying deal and asset performance. Today, our award-winning online platform connects thousands of professionals in the largest private investment network in the world.

CEPRES combines the most secure, confidential digital network with sophisticated investment decision tools for all private market professionals. While maintaining full control of their data, CEPRES clients have access to a wide range of data and corresponding tools, empowering them and their service providers to gain true insights, underwrite investment decisions and achieve better outcomes for their funds, deals and operating assets.

DealEdge® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc. and CEPRES GmbH.