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Plastics & Circular

Reduce environmental waste by developing an effective circularity and sustainable materials strategy. We can help you improve operational efficiency and implement a truly holistic approach that unlocks new opportunities and enhances customer value.

Risultati attesi

Risultati attesi

Single-use plastics and other forms of plastic waste pose a serious environmental threat. According to the World Economic Forum, in terms of weight, by 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean. We’ll help you become part of the solution to this mounting crisis, by developing new solutions and approaches that make your operations and products more sustainable. We work with companies across the plastics value chain and circular economy, including energy and natural resources, chemicals, packaging, consumer goods, retail and waste management. 

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A new model of leadership and collaboration is needed to address the sweeping effects of climate change. One that builds a more sustainable future for all.

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