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Associate Consultant, New York

Profilo di Allison

My name is Allison. I'm an associate consultant (AC) in the New York office and a recent graduate of the University of Virginia.

I decided to pursue a career in consulting because I didn't know which industry or specific capability I wanted to focus on after graduating, and it would give me the opportunity to explore different types of work and industries.

Since joining, I have worked on two different cases. The first has been supporting an integration of two consumer products companies. It was very client-heavy with a lot of client collaboration and brainstorming sessions. I'm currently working on my second case, which involves a media group. This case has been a lot of data analytics, analysis, and just spending time sitting in a room trying to brainstorm the answer. The cases have been vastly different, but it's really cool to not only see two different sides of a business, but to see what Bain can do for both of them.

"What makes Bain unique is that we don't just view you as an employee of the firm. We really invest our time to coach you and develop you."

Everyone I've worked with has been really focused on my personal development—whether it be my personal development coach, my supervisor or my colleagues.

My biggest piece of advice for someone going through the recruiting process is to remember that it's a two-way process. Of course, we are going to be evaluating candidates, but at the same time, recruits should really be evaluating us as well. You should be asking questions such as "Is Bain the right fit for me?" You should take the opportunity to really try to get to know the people who work at Bain.