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Meet a Bain Associate Consultant

Meet a Bain Associate Consultant

For Kevin, an Associate Consultant in Boston, he joined Bain after his Senior year as an Associate Consultant

Hi Kevin, thank you so much for taking the time to give us some pointers on fall recruiting. Before we begin, can you tell us your story in one sentence?

I’m from North Plainfield, New Jersey; I studied Chemistry at Harvard before starting as an Associate Consultant at Bain in July 2017.

Recruiting is in full swing once September hits, what did you do in advance to prep?

I started preparing for interviews in September of my senior year. I hit up a few of my friends who were also preparing for case interviews, and we would each give each other cases.

I found it super helpful to give cases as well as receive them because that allowed me to get into the headspace of an interviewer. I read a few of the consulting books that everyone recommends, and they were helpful for getting a foundation, but I found that nothing beats real practice when preparing for the interview.

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Recruiting for an internship can cause a lot of anxiety in addition to an already packed fall. What are some self-care actions you did to keep a healthy balance?

It’s definitely easy to fall into the mentality that you should be studying all the time. I found it so helpful to take breaks. At least one day a week, I wouldn’t do anything related to schoolwork or case prep. I would hang out with friends, exercise (or more likely watch Netflix), and decompress.

Taking the time to rest helped me study more effectively the next day. I was well rested, my mind was sharper, and I was less stressed. Self-care is so important – you don’t want to burn yourself out before your interview.

We’re trying to make a good impression. Any final last minute tips to offer or words of advice before we get back on campus?

So many students view recruiting as a way for employers to evaluate potential candidates.

What’s easily forgotten is that the recruiting process is built for candidates to evaluate potential employers. Having this mindset while applying helped me to relax and to feel a little more empowered throughout the process, and I think it allowed me to express more confidence during the interview.