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The Long Road to the “Other Half” of the Capital Market

In part two of our interview with the CEO of Titanbay, we discuss the regulatory and behavioral hurdles that have prevented private equity from accessing roughly half of the world’s sources of capital—and to what extent digital platforms can lower those barriers to entry.


The Long Road to the “Other Half” of the Capital Market

On the previous episode of Dry Powder, Thomas Eskebaek, the CEO of Titanbay, explained how he connects sophisticated investors to the top-performing private equity funds. But Titanbay isn’t the only digital platform in town.

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In recent years, we’ve seen a proliferation of private investment platforms. As a result, investors have never had so many opportunities to invest in private assets. At the heart of this trend is a question that has nagged the private equity industry for many years: Could investors finally tap into the other half of the capital market, beyond the large institutions that have typically served as its source of capital?

Today on the show, Thomas and I discuss the remaining barriers to entry—from regulations to liquidity issues to high minimums—and how an unusual macro stew is driving investors and digital platforms to surmount these obstacles together.


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