Agathe Gross

파트너, Sydney


Agathe Gross is a partner based in our Sydney office. She is an expert in the firm’s B2B Commercial Excellence practice, as well as a leader in our Telecommunications, Advanced Manufacturing and Services, and Energy and Natural Resources practices. Agathe also leads our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program for the Australian practice.

Within the B2B Commercial Excellence practice, Agathe’s experience spans topics including go-to-market strategy, account management, B2B pricing, and sales force compensation and effectiveness.

Within the Telecommunications practice, she specializes in enterprise telecom.

Within the advanced manufacturing and services sphere, Agathe specializes in construction materials, construction, and EPCM. Her energy and natural resources expertise encompasses power and gas utilities, oil and gas infrastructure and services, and mining projects.

Additionally, Agathe is deeply versed in performance improvement, including pre- and post-merger integration (PMI), Bain Accelerated Transformation (BAT), project management (PMO), cultural integration, and change management. Agathe is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion both within our firm and externally. She has led several pieces of research on the topic in Australia.

Agathe holds a master’s degree in engineering from École Centrale Paris and joined us as an Associate Consultant in Paris after finishing her degree in 2005.

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