Senior Manager, London


I'm Amanda. I'm a senior manager in the London office, and I joined Bain as an associate consultant a few years ago, having just graduated from Oxford, doing biochemistry.

I joined Bain because I wanted to learn about businesses. Consulting offered the opportunity to work across different types of industries during my career. And that's definitely held true.

When I joined Bain, I started in private equity for nine months, but also worked across different consumer products and retail companies. The second case, one of my favorites, involved a large consumer products merger. It is incredible to be part of that journey, to see how a successful company runs and also learn from all the really smart clients you're working with.

"Having joined Bain as a biochemist, I thought I wanted to do healthcare, but I ended up having the opportunity to explore many different options and really shape what I may want to do in the future."

My role has definitely changed over time. As an AC, the main thing is being an analyst and learning the toolkit. As you progress to the consultant role, you're exposed to bigger pieces of work and to more senior clients. It becomes more of a thought partnership with them. That's one thing I love: Bain really keeps you on your toes, and there's something challenging at every single level.

Bain has supported me on my own path in many ways. I've always wanted to do a transfer to a different office, and I was able to spend six months in New York. It was an incredible experience to be part of that office and to move so seamlessly to a different city, which Bain helped me through. On top of that, I've been able to carve out what I want to do and learn about all the different industries that I'd had in mind when I set out to join Bain.