David Knipe


Former energy industry executive, focused on accelerating the energy transition


전문 분야

  • Formerly bp's global Head of International Gas and Integrated Gas & Power
  • Experienced Board/executive team member of major energy JVs in Europe, India and China
  • 25 years of industry experience

David Knipe is a member of our Energy & Natural Resources and Sustainability & Responsibility practices.

He has 25 years of industry experience, notably including energy supply and trading, clean energy value chain transformation and commodity risk management, with hands on experience in all continents (excluding Antarctica!)

David was previously Head of International Gas at bp, leading the global LNG trading, European gas and power and Integrated gas value chain teams. In this capacity he served as a Board or executive leader for major energy joint ventures in China, India and Algeria.

He also previously held the position of Chief Risk Officer, bp Integrated Supply & Trading and served as Chief of Staff to bp's former CFO and main Board member.

He brings practical, first-hand experience of developing world-scale integrated gas and power value chains from upstream, through trading/supply, into downstream applications including power generation, retail and industrial supply as well as transportation (i.e. EVs, heavy duty trucking, shipping, air).

His interests and expertise span clean energy strategy development and multi-horizon planning (including integration of gas and power solutions, hydrogen, biofuels, renewable power and electric vehicle charging). He is adept at developing supply and trading strategies, enabling organisations and associated commodity risk management best practices and processes.

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