Justin Halim

Head of APAC Digital Marketing and Expert Partner for FRWD, Singapore


Justin Halim is the head of our APAC Digital Marketing practice and an expert partner for FRWD®, based in Singapore.

His client work focuses on the Digital, Marketing Excellence and Customer Strategy & Marketing spheres, with recent engagements spanning general merchandise, mass retailing and Private Equity.

Justin’s core client achievements include:

  • Leading a multi-month digital marketing acceleration for an Australian software company that identified and captured significant incremental multi-year revenue
  • Identifying significant in-year incremental revenue for a travel provider through digital marketing optimization across Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Beyond his client work, Justin is a class captain for our Technology and Analytics Group.

Prior to joining the firm in 2018, Justin was most recently the industry head of consumer packaged goods, retail, travel, financial services and media & entertainment, as well as head of client solutions for Southeast Asia, at Facebook.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and a Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

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