Laure Ceddaha

Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Caliber℠ Venture Lead,



전문 분야


  • Founded and led two talent ventures: Aura℠ and Caliber℠
  • 10+ years of firm experience across Europe and North America
  • Operational experience building a SaaS venture
  • Expertise in data-driven Talent strategy

Laure is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in our Engine 2 Innovation group. She founded Aura℠, a talent analytics venture backed by Bain, and is now leading Caliber℠, Bain’s global freelance consultant network. 

She has operational experience building a fast-growing SaaS business from the ground up, with a track record of leading product and engineering teams in diverse geographies. Laure has expertise in data-driven talent strategies for both financial investors and corporates.

Prior to her entrepreneurial role, Laure supported large-scale transformations for our global clients, with a focus on change management, implementation and behavioral change.

Laure holds a master's in management from HEC Paris, a master's in international management from Ivey Business school and an INSEAD Certificate in corporate venturing and innovation.

In her personal time, Laure can be found in the outdoors with her young son, hiking or ski touring.

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