Michael Jongeneel

파트너, Amsterdam


Michael Jongeneel is a partner in our Amsterdam office and our global lead for sustainable finance.

His experience includes transformations of banks and insurers toward more sustainability in their core businesses, as well as impact investing strategies and innovative solutions in sustainable finance.

He leads our Financial Services practice in the Netherlands, with a focus on strategy, organization, operating model and digital. His third area of attention is Social Impact, where he leads multi-year programs with organizations like UNHCR.

Prior to joining us in 2015, Michael spent eight years as an executive at Triodos Bank, a European bank that solely finances sustainable organizations with a positive environmental and/or social impact. Michael joined as their Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board.

He later became managing (statutory) director of Triodos Investment Management, an active company in more than 40 countries focused on renewable energy and microfinance activities. Prior to this, he worked for two other global management consulting firms.

Additionally, Michael has served on a number of boards, focusing on sustainable finance and social impact.

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