Ravi Srivatsav

Expert Partner, Silicon Valley


Ravi Srivatsav is an expert partner in our Enterprise Technology and Advanced Analytics practices, based in our Silicon Valley office. With particular expertise in Cloud Computing, product management, DevOps, corporate innovation and R&D effectiveness, he advises clients across the corporate and startup realms.

Ravi is a business-focused senior technology leader with more than 20 years of experience creating great software products, fostering innovation and developing strategies for organizations.  

He also internally serves as our Chief Product and Technology Officer, where he incubates disrupting enterprises, challenging the notion that large companies can’t innovate at the pace of startups.

Prior to joining us in 2019, Ravi previously served as the Chief Product and Business Officer for the Japanese telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone’s applied research arm and as founder and CEO of ElasticBox (acquired by CenturyLink) a company focused on hybrid cloud and application management. He has built, led and scaled product, developer relations, and go-to-market teams at Microsoft, Myspace and IBM.

Ravi has advised companies across sectors on enterprise technology, as well as private equity firms focused on technology assets. He frequently works with CIOs and management teams to drive technology-led transformations.

He remains an active angel investor.

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