Terje Korstvedt

파트너, Oslo

Established advisor with a bent toward strategy and value realization for private equity firms and banking institutions.


전문 분야


  • Former partner for Qvartz

Terje Korstvedt is a partner in our Private Equity (PE) and Financial Services practices, based in Oslo.

He recently served as a partner for Qvartz prior to the firm's integration with us, which collectively formed our new Nordics practice, in early 2020. 

Terje has led clients across Europe and Asia on projects related to strategy, operations, marketing and sales, procurement and business development. His most prominent casework has involved:

  • Numerous full-value realization programs for PE portfolio companies;
  • Pre-exit planning and IPO preparation for a B2C company; and
  • An overarching corporate strategy effort for a top-5 Scandinavian bank, including industry benchmarking, market share analysis and five-year strategic planning.

Prior to joining Qvartz in 2014, Terje worked as a senior director of strategy for Statoil Fuel & Retail. He was also a consultant for another top global firm.

He holds an M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Economics, with a concentration in Finance, from the Norwegian School of Economics.

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