Vittorio Melli




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  • Co-author of automotive and mobility studies for the Italian market
  • Bain Social Impact member involved in community aggregation events and fundraising
  • 10+ years' experience in consulting

Vittorio Melli is a member of our Advanced Manufacturing & Services practice, with a focus on Automotive & Mobility.

Vittorio is involved in developing Bain’s core automotive competences, having worked for many premium and volume players. His key areas of expertise include retail network planning, multi-brand network full potential, short- and long-term rental industry strategy and smart and urban mobility trends. Other core capabilities include customer analysis and segmentation, performance improvement (operations), business plans, organizational reshaping and right-sizing and commercial due diligence.

In recent years, Vittorio has supported the development of several studies for the Italian market in cooperation with Bain’s global automotive practice, presenting macro trends in the broader automotive space (suppliers, OEMs, car distribution and rental).

Beyond his client work, Vittorio is involved in our Italy Bain Social Impact group, managing community aggregation events such as fundraising for charity organizations.

He holds a Master's degree in International Management and a Bachelor degree in Management, both from the University of Bologna.

In his personal time, Vittorio is a passionate runner and proud parent of a young son.

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