About Akito

My name is Akito. I'm a graduate from the International Christian University and worked for 4 years at Citigroup (Equity Research Division) before coming to Bain and getting an MBA degree from INSEAD in 2019.

At Bain, I gained experience working in multiple industries and capabilities ranging from corporate transformation to customer loyalty. 

Our working environment seems to be something uniquely Bain. I’ve built such great relationships with my clients that I feel I need to push myself to become the loudest champion for them at all times. 

It's been so fulfilling to be directly involved in helping our clients solve their most difficult problems.

Everyone is expected to thrive here - both in your professional and personal life.

I encountered some tough life challenges when I first joined the firm, but my colleagues rallied around me to give me an extra level of support, I just needed to ask. They checked on me during our weekly project meetings and made sure my workload was sustainable.

Providing professional opportunities is equally as important. Support programs such as externships, which allow you to gain work experience at other companies and NPOs, empowers us to pursue our interests. We also have a great MBA support program for consultants to access at any point during their time here. Whether it’s year 1 or year 20, there are always development opportunities.

From training sessions to team dinners, I never feel out of place. The culture of creating extraordinary teams is apparent in every Bain office. Whenever I visit other offices, I always seem to feel at home.