Alex Kogan

Senior Manager,

About Alex

My name is Alex. I'm a consultant in the Zurich office, and I've been with Bain since 2016. I'm originally from Israel.

I decided to make the switch to consulting from my previous career for the diversity. I started off as an aerospace engineer. The opportunities that consulting has offered me are amazing—different types of companies with different types of projects, and solving all sorts of problems and issues.

"During my time at Bain, I've worked on cases in several industries, including pharma and consumer goods."

Currently I'm on a consumer goods case. We're trying to help the company understand its cost drivers, and also to support it in growing throughout a region. The way that you can see all the little parts of the company, and understand how it works together, in such a short period of time was very impressive for me.

I've learned a lot at Bain, but the thing that I never expected to learn was to actually slow down. It seems counterintuitive because you're thinking about consulting as being so fast paced and go, go, go. But in order to really help companies, you have to slow down first to understand what you're targeting, and then dig deeper to understand the question. This manifests itself in a couple of Bain's key principles: having an answer first before diving deep, and taking the 80/20 approach (targeting the majority of the problem, not all of the problem).

The biggest advice I would give to anybody who's thinking about consulting or currently in the recruiting process is to give yourself to it. It's not something you do halfway. You have to be fully committed to practicing the cases, and to fully understand why you're targeting a specific company as opposed to other companies. And frankly, if you're targeting Bain, you're doing the right thing.