Tony Kim


About Tony

“Building your own Bain is a continuous journey of discovering new cases, initiatives, colleagues and interests.” 

Hi, my name is Tony. Learn more about me and my time at Bain through some Q&A.  

What did you do before Bain and why did you make the jump to consulting and joining the firm? 

Prior to Bain, I was a consultant with the Deloitte Government & Public Sector practice where I focused on HR transformations, survey research & analytics, process improvements and more. I attained my MBA, at Tuck, to broaden my horizons across various industries and functions among brilliant classmates, and Bain was the perfect opportunity for me to continue to learn among fantastic colleagues, while making tremendous impact for clients.  

Describe a case that was particularly impactful for you, and tell us how you felt about it.

Recency effect says that my current case is particularly impactful for me. Among many things, we are working on designing an operating model for an agribusiness client who has yet to realize the benefits of operating at scale. While the initial scope focused on North America, the more we shared our findings and recommendations, the more the client realized the impact of our work. The client ultimately decided to rollout our recommendations globally, demonstrating the impact that we made to the client, and consequently, the impact that it has had on me.  

How have you "built your own Bain?

I don't think I will ever finish building my own Bain. For me, "building your own Bain" is a continuous journey of discovering new cases, initiatives, colleagues and interests. Bain has so much to offer. I try my best to strike the right balance of staying true to my passions and having an open mind to new passions that may discover me.  

Speaking of passions, tell us about some of your passions, both outside of work and at Bain. How has your team supported you with these endeavors?

Going to school in New Hampshire got me into skiing and golfing in colder temperatures, though, Pacific Northwest (PNW) golf is a lot more damp. Outside of that, I like to play squash, swim and cook various Korean meals. The team is very receptive to offline blocks, including weekends, so I can pursue all of my personal passions and more.