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Senior Associate Consultant, Sydney

Sobre Katrina

Hi, I'm Katrina. I decided to pursue a career in consulting because I wanted to work on challenging and interesting topics. I knew that Bain was the right place for me when I met Bain consultants during the recruiting process. I found them to be incredibly supportive and invested in helping me make the right decision. Bain has an amazing culture, and the people are clever, supportive and fun! ​

​Since joining Bain, I've had the opportunity to work in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth across six different industries. Bain really invests in professional and personal development. We regularly provide and receive feedback and coaching on our day-to-day work, in addition to regular dedicated training sessions. I have traveled to Melbourne, Boston and Mexico for training, coming together with colleagues from all over the world!

"At Bain we focus on impact and delivering great results for our clients, including our social impact partners."

I recently worked on a pro bono project where we were helping a not-for-profit develop its strategy in a new sector. This was an incredible experience that tied together data-driven problem solving with qualitative research. I learned an amazing amount about a field with which I had never previously been involved. It was fantastic to see the impact that we were able to make.

Don't be afraid to try a career in a field different from the one you had originally planned. When I was working as an engineer, I didn't see myself working in a completely different industry. However, I've had an incredible experience at Bain and have really enjoyed the challenge of engaging with different industries and problems.