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Associate Consultant, Boston

Sobre Khushy

My name is Khushy, and I'm an associate consultant (AC) in the Boston office. I was an associate consultant intern (ACI) before starting full time at Bain.

During the recruiting process at Bain, it felt like the people made a really big effort to get to know me, and that was different from the other management consulting firms that I looked at. They really went out of their way to get to know me as an individual. They offered to help coach me and talk through case interviews. From the very get-go, I got a sense that it was a learning-oriented culture and that the people around me would invest time and effort in helping me grow.

"At Bain, I learned the power of teams and working with people who have a variety of different perspectives."

When we are staffed on a case, it's not only the consultants who work toward an answer and toward great relationships with our client. We're backed up with a lot of help from Information Services, Advanced Analytics and many other groups at Bain.