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Consultant, Houston

Sobre Onikepo

I chose consulting because it was my best vehicle for exploring the world of corporate career opportunities. I knew it would give me the broad experience I need while I decide what industry/area to focus on in the long term.

"Bain stood out mainly because of the supportive culture and the various options (including externships and international transfers) to help manage long-term career sustainability."

​In my short time at Bain, I have worked on two very different cases: The first one was a three-month strategy case where I worked out of the Dallas office, helping a US-based company that manufactures safety products determine additional end markets to sell into and new countries around the world to penetrate. The strategy plan we created will help the company increase annual revenue by $1.5 billion in the next three years. The second is a performance improvement case for an oil and gas company. On both cases, I have learned a great deal about what it means to be a consultant, developing my problem solving skills and focusing on what really matters to the client.

My "extra 10%" activities are more like "extra 25%," simply because it's a unique way for me to connect with other Bainies that I may not have worked with otherwise. Of course, I select initiatives that I think are fun or suit my personal interests. Some of those initiatives include helping out with Blacks at Bain recruiting/affiliation efforts and planning Houston office-wide events with the Houston Affiliations team.

​I never expected to learn to manage my emotions at Bain, but there are so many instances (whether on a case or in the Houston office) where my ability to react to the constant ups and downs of the job is tested. I've quickly come to understand how learning to manage my emotions directly translates to my ability to do the job better and thrive in the process. As the saying goes, "10% of this life is what is done to you; 90% is how you react."

​If you're about to interview with Bain, my advice is, whenever that self-talk that tells you "you're not good/smart enough and you won't do well in the interviews" comes up, tell it to be quiet and instead remain focused on your interview prep plan. Keep a positive attitude throughout the recruiting process and let your true (and well-rounded) self shine!