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Sobre Robert

I joined the Bain Capability Network in Warsaw as an Analyst in mid-2018. The journey to date has been remarkable! Since the very beginning, I have had exposure to the dynamic world of management consulting cases, great teamwork culture and - above all - outstanding, smart and helpful colleagues.

I am currently working in the Private Equity Group retainer team. Most of our cases focus on due-diligences or strategic analysis for PE firms/ investment funds from across the globe. The broad scope of projects provides significant opportunity to work across industries and geographies. For example: case 1 relates to e-commerce in Brazil, and the next week, case 2 could relate to the energy sector in Germany.

We use a variety of tools/ programs to analyze and present the insights/ implications of the work. Trainings and support from more experienced team-members has allowed me to learn how to use them proficiently. As my ’extra 10%’ activity, I have chosen to help with recruiting, particularly focused on campus recruiting. This frequently provides me with the opportunity to talk about our company and career development with potential candidates on campus.

Prior to joining Bain, I worked in the liquidity management department of an investment bank in London/Warsaw. I have a Master’s degree in Economics from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. I am quite passionate about social causes and led a team of volunteers at my local city council.