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US Supplier Diversity Policy

US Supplier Diversity Policy

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends to the choices we make in suppliers of services and goods.

At Bain & Company, we cherish the value that diversity brings to our employees, clients, and the communities we serve. That’s why we’re committed to developing an inclusive supplier base, encouraging our employees to prioritize diversity in every procurement decision they make.

Our Supplier Diversity Program reflects our commitment to creating opportunities in our supply chain for companies owned by women, minorities, and other groups from historically disadvantaged populations. We partner with advocacy organizations and chambers of commerce to identify qualified businesses, then foster these relationships through coaching and mentoring.

Designing our procurement processes this way has strengthened our firm, created opportunities for economic empowerment in the communities where we operate, and become a source of competitive advantage.

We view supplier diversity as an investment in the growth of our business, a commitment to support our clients’ initiatives, and support for underrepresented communities.

Manny Maceda

Worldwide Managing Partner, San Francisco



We work to ensure the inclusion of diverse suppliers in all areas of our organization, from business operations to client engagement. Our Supplier Diversity Program involves the following initiatives:

  • Identify qualified diverse suppliers for procurement opportunities
  • Supplier development, coaching, and mentoring
  • Outreach and partnership with advocacy organizations

We seek to engage qualified suppliers to provide value to our supplier base and drive a competitive advantage. Qualified diverse suppliers must meet the business size criteria established by the US Small Business Administration or be 51% (or more) owned or operated by individuals representative of the following categories:

  • Woman-owned business (WBE)
  • Minority-owned business (MBE)
  • LGBT+-owned business (LGBTBE)
  • Disability-owned business (DOBE)
  • Veteran-owned business (VBE)
  • Small disadvantaged business (SDB)
  • Small business enterprise (SBE)
  • Historically underutilized business enterprise (HUBZone)

Doing Business with Us

Doing Business with Us

Small and diverse companies interested in doing business with us should register below at our portal. While we do not guarantee contract awards through this process, we encourage registrations for greater visibility. Following registration, a member of our Supplier Diversity Team will contact you when relevant opportunities arise that match your company’s profile.

The shared journey ahead

As an employer, as a business and as a member of our global community, we’re challenging ourselves to build a more equitable, sustainable future for all.

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