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Bain Passports

Bain Passports

Get to know us through a series of webinars


Ever wondered what it's like to work on our extraordinary teams as a Summer Associate in any of our global offices? Come meet and interact with our consulting teams around the world through our webinar series, Bain Passports.

Whether you’re interested in being on the cutting edge of business and technology in Hong Kong, working in the shadow of Big Ben in London, or discovering the delights of Dubai, Bain Passports has something for you.

Sign up for one or more of our webinars and decide where your next career adventure will take you.


Ask a Consultant - Q&A webinar

Join consultants from our various offices as they answer your questions on Bain and consulting.


Our Central and South American webinars are closed. 

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Middle East 14-Nov-2019 08:00am EST Register
Moscow 15-Nov-2019 09:00am EST Register
London 15-Nov-2019 11:00am EST Register

Office/Region Date Time Registration Link
Australia  13-Nov-2019 05:00pm EST Register
Seoul 18-Nov-2019 07:30pm EST Register

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