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Paper & Packaging

Paper & Packaging

Sustainability and digitalization are redefining what's possible—and profitable.

Paper & Packaging

Digitalization and sustainability pose challenges for virtually every industry, but for pulp, paper and packaging companies the issues cut both ways. Digitalization, for example, has significantly cut demand for newsprint, magazine and office paper, but also presents enormous opportunities to improve operations, facilitate e-commerce, and even create new forms of “smart” packaging. Flexible and rigid plastic and metals packaging present both opportunities and challenges, as does an intense focus on sustainability: companies in the beverages, food, durables, pharma, and industrial packaging subsectors are intensely focused on renewable and recyclable materials, circularity, emissions reductions and a range of related issues.

As they grapple with those issues, companies are also contending with industry consolidation, a surge of capital investment, and a variety of global trade barriers.

We work with companies across the full spectrum of forest products, paper and packaging, helping them develop future-proof strategies, pursue cost and capital efficiencies, and employ a range of automation and digitalization technologies to optimize every facet of their operations. Our paper and packaging consultants have helped companies in every sub-sector, including specialty paper, graphic paper, tissue, wood products, biochemical, pulp, packaging and forestry, set a bold ambition and execute on it flawlessly. We understand the specific challenges of the developing world as well as the issues that dominate mature markets. No matter what your category, we can help you enhance every facet of your organization to thrive amid intense change.

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