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Channel Optimization

Choosing the right channel partners is about much more than sales. An optimal partner mix should reflect your company’s overall strategy and determine how you deploy resources and plan for the future.

The world of channel sales in technology is complex and evolving. Hundreds of thousands of partners across the globe compete for nearly $500 billion in annual sales. Joining them are growing ranks of specialty partners that now operate in arenas like cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity and AI. To navigate this environment you need an independent perspective.

Our point of view on channel strategy is informed by decades of experience serving a wide variety of tech industry clients. Every year we help our clients determine their route-to-market strategy, redesign their channel programs to improve their ROI, merge channel programs during M&A, expand into new regions and manage transitions to as-a-service operating models. We’ll show you how to prioritize your most critical channel relationships, recruit and develop new strategic partners, and gauge the devotion of your channel partners relative to their other clients.

Our unparalleled Channel Partner Database offers a panoramic view of the tech channel universe. It contains detailed profiles of several hundred thousand channel partners covering all types of reseller activities (value-added resale, managed services, advisory services, systems integration and more). Global in scope and continuously updated, the tool can measure your channel partners’ relative strengths by market, geography, and industry subspecialties, presenting these insights in a user-friendly, highly visual dashboard.

Whether you’re seeking new partners or simply want to maximize the value of the ones you already have, we’ll help you make data-driven decisions to fortify the strategic foundations of your partner mix.

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What to Expect


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