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A Hot Market for Advanced Analytics Talent Gets Hotter

Even as the supply of talent doubles, demand for certain analytics roles keeps accelerating.

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A Hot Market for Advanced Analytics Talent Gets Hotter

For years, companies have been stuck chasing either a limited supply of experienced analytics professionals or new university graduates. Today, however, the global supply of advanced analytics talent is about to explode, reaching an estimated 1 million people by 2020, up from half a million in 2018. Still, this ramp-up won’t entirely solve the advanced analytics talent challenge. Many countries will still have fewer analytics experts than needed. Most available advanced analytics talent has recently graduated, but people with greater tenure, who are needed to lead and manage these teams, are in short supply. The United States will suffer shortages in certain critical roles, like data engineers and architects, while facing a possible oversupply of data scientists.

Chris Brahm is a Bain & Company partner in San Francisco and leads the firm’s Global Advanced Analytics practice. Arpan Sheth is a Bain partner based in the Bangalore office and leads the firm’s Information Technology practice in Asia-Pacific. Velu Sinha is a Bain partner in Shanghai, and Jessica Dai is a principal based in San Francisco.

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