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Companies That Handle Change Well Rack Up Better Financial Performance

Covid-19 is bringing profound changes to the business landscape, and the companies skilled at managing change should come out strongest.

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Companies That Handle Change Well Rack Up Better Financial Performance

Long before the first case of Covid-19, companies had begun to experience a dramatic increase in the rate of change in both the economy and their own businesses. Companies with a high capacity to handle that change are more likely to both adapt to our current crisis successfully and ride out future waves of uncertainty. Those with high changeability, what we call Change Power, are also more profitable, grow revenue faster and deliver greater shareholder returns than those with lower Change Power, our research has found.

Change Power Index℠ is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc.

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Leaders at Managing Change Rank Highly with Employees

Companies with high Change Power have a strong culture, leadership and employees who are engaged and inspired.

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The Power to Change

You can build a company that thrives in these times of constant change.


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